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Preventive Maintenance Programs

The Initial Audit Inspection – The audit inspection is a detailed inspection of all components of the system and other related or connected building systems. The purpose of the audit inspection is to identify any condition that may be the result of or lead to damage. The data that is collected during the audit inspection becomes the base upon which the preventive maintenance program is based.

Timely Performance of Required Maintenance Tasks – Once the inspection is complete and defects have been identified, we work with your maintenance personnel to make sure the proper repairs are made.

Follow-Up Inspections – Follow-up inspections are recomended particularly after severe weather, or if there is excessive traffic.

Survey & Inspection Services

Our survey and inspection services include the following:

Any one or combination of the above services may be included in a project depending on the scope and purpose of the project.

Specifications & Drawings

Our involvement in the roofing and waterproofing industry enables us to keep current with the many advancements and new products being introduced by product manufactures. We maintain an ongoing program of testing and analyzing new products and procedures in in order to evaluate their usefulness to our clients needs. This knowledge of the industry enables us to provide the most applicable specifications for our clients.

In addition to providing the best specifications, our experienced roofing and waterproofing designers design the most appropriate and effective details for our client’s projects. Our specifications, plans, and details are suitable for quoting purposes as issued.

Contract Monitoring

No matter how extensive the survey or how applicable the specifications and drawings, the success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor. Because of the importance of the execution, we encourage our clients to utilize our on-site quality control inspection and other Contract Monitoring services. Our contract monitoring services include the following:

Services That We Provide

BTS provides the following roofing and waterproofing consulting services: