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Byrne Technical Services is an Australian company specialising in waterproofing consulting, inspections, training, specifications and defect reports. Byrne Technical Services also offers professionally designed and quality-assured waterproofing installations for the construction industry.

The director of Byrne Technical Services, Eric Byrne, is a founding member of the NSW Master Builders Association Waterproofing Technical Committee. The committee wrote and published the MBA Best Practice Guide to Internal Wet Area Waterproofing. The committee also developed, through a partnership with Sydney Institute of TAFE and the Construction Industry Training Advisory Board (CITAB), a nationally accredited training and assessment package that provides a Certificate III and eligibility for the awarding of a trade licence in construction waterproofing.This integrated package won the NSW Department of Education & Training, Training Initiative Award for 2004. The committee is currently working on the MBA Best Practice Guide to External Waterproofing and other booksincluding Planter Box Waterproofing and flashings.

Byrne Technical Services is founded on 37 years of experience in the waterproofing industry. We can independently assess a project, prescribe the right solution and provide a quality-assurance program to monitor the installation process. Our involvement in remedial works, often involving replacement of sealants, flashings, concrete toppings and waterproofing membranes, provides us with widespread knowledge to confidently specify new construction works so that future problems can be avoided. Whilst we are actively involved with new construction we specialise in leak detection of existing buildings.

Our varied industry experience allows Byrne Technical Services to competently instruct in the following areas:

Our product experience cover: